I am

Will James

Colourful, spontaneous, innocent and fun – 4 y.o. Will James’ artwork encapsulates it all!

At its heart, the brand showcases a time when things are simple, happy, and fun.


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I am Will James

Who is Will James?

Will James is a 4 y.o. boy who loves to scribble and draw… all the time… on all the paper he can get his hands on… and even on cleaned and dry icy pole sticks. He is constantly drawing pictures for all his friends at pre-school to give as gifts (much to the delight of their parents I’m sure 😅 Sorry parents!).

Apart from doodling, he loves jigsaw puzzles, swimming, eating ice-cream and other sweet treats! He enjoys being silly and cheeky to make others laugh. 

Who is Will James’ mummy?

With a background in fashion, seeing these colourful scribbles and cute characters strewn around the house and stuck up all over the walls, Will’s mummy always visualised the drawings as prints on fabrics. As Will’s pictures got more intricate, it was only a matter of time before this idea would become a reality.

The brand, I am Will James, is a collaboration between Will James and his mummy, and showcases a time when things are simple, happy, and fun.

Join the slow fashion movement…

I am Will James does not mass produce its product. In fact, quite the opposite – The product is only printed when we receive an order for it.

Why? Around 92 million tons (85%) of all textiles produced by the fashion industry ends up in landfills each year. One of our key commitments is balancing creativity and sustainability, by championing the art whilst minimising waste and harm.

We hope that you will consider the product more special this way, and love the end product.

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